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While riding the crest of the wave of popular opinion, Murtala made the first of two mistakes that may have cost him his life.

When then Lt-Colonel Yakubu Gowon became the Head of State in 1966, he waited till the days preceding the outbreak of the Nigerian civil war in 1967 before promoting himself to Major-General.

The result of this work was the .30 Ball Model of 1901 - the ".30-01" or "Thick-rim".

As its name implies, the rim on this cartridge was thick in comparison to more modern rimless cartridges including the .30-03 and .30-06 which followed.

Originally located partly at Ludwigsburg and partly in Christophsthal, the factory was transferred to Oberndorf in the former Augustine Cloister. Of his seven sons who worked with him there Peter Paul Mauser showed an outstanding ability to develop methods of operation that were faster and more efficient.

His older brother Wilhelm assumed many of his father's duties as he became ill.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Mauser designs were also exported and licensed to a large number of countries which adopted them as military and civilian sporting firearms.

Founded as Königliche Waffen Schmieden on July 31, 1811 by Frederick I.

By December of 1859 he has so impressed his superiors that he was placed on inactive military service and assigned to the royal factory at Oberndorf.

By 1903, the original .30-01 cartridge had lost its thick rim and had been adopted as the .30 Model of 1903 - the ".30-03", and in the same year the Springfield was also adopted as the .30 Rifle, Model of 1903.

The .30-03 retained the 220-grain round-nosed bullet of its predecessor at a time when most world powers had realized the advantages of a pointed or "spitzer" bullet.

The move to smokeless powder and smaller diameter bullets had been accomplished to some degree with the adoption of the rimmed .30 Krag in 1892 but this proved to have a limited powder capacity.

By 1901, work had started on a rimless cartridge which was based on an earlier rimmed experimental .30 caliber round.


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