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The manager spoke to the man, but he didn't leave for another 20 minutes. Hopkins said because the restaurant chain provides free wireless Internet to customers, the company should be responsible for making sure inappropriate material can't be accessed at their locations. " Mc Donald's Canada said it's impossible to tell whether the man in question was accessing the Internet through their free Wi-Fi or through another network or wireless stick.

Ravi was tried and convicted in 2012 on multiple charges related to the webcam viewing."My son's head popped right up and said, 'Who said that? "I said, 'Someone with a bad potty mouth who doesn't realize there are children at Mc Donald's.' "And then the talk continued.I don't know if he was touching himself under the table." As Hopkins, 43, moved her family over to another spot across the virtually deserted fast-food joint on Woodbine Ave., she heard the woman on the computer hiss, "By the way, tell that broad to go f--- herself. " The family finished their meal and while Grant was in the play area, Hopkins approached the manager and told her about the man, who appeared to be in his mid-20s, on the sex chat.He is currently at the privately-owned Cawston Park Hospital, in Norwich, having been sectioned under the Mental Health Act, and she said he was often kept chemically-sedated.Evans has found service-providers willing to support him to live near her in the community, but their local council has refused to give the go-ahead for him to leave Cawston Park.The website tells the story of disabled campaigner and self-advocate Mabel Cooper, who was institutionalised in the 1950s, and kept in long-stay hospitals for more than 30 years, as a result of bogus assessments of her IQ.The launch event – part of UK Disability History Month – heard from Norris’s disabled mother, Deborah Evans, from west London, who described how her son had been held in so-called assessment and treatment units for the last seven years, and was being treated “abysmally”.During a police search, both Labutte and a woman were arrested and two cell phones were seized.Labutte admitted to the police that he knew the girl appeared to be underage but still continued to communicate with her.There also was discussion about the girl moving in with the couple.London police were notified in April 2014 after the girl’s mother discovered the files on the computer and investigators were able to trace them to a Mississauga address.


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