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Though Iran is not Saudi Arabia there are still hazards when it comes to men and women entering into relationships before marriage.But it also turns out that many Iranian men at their peak of sexual ardor are unmarried.Married at age 21 A few years ago the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, asserted that his nation did not have gays as they did in the West.What Ahmadinejad seems to have meant is that a public gay identity does not exist in Iran.He has to be aware that homosexual behavior is not unknown in his nation.More generally Ahmadinejad’s comments brought up the issue of men having sex with men throughout the Middle East before marriage.It has been established that the hereditary characters or traits are transmitted by the genes of the chromosomes.The expression of inher­ited characters is, however, modified by the environments in which an individual grows and develops.

The tones of all humanity flow past, faces from Santa Monica, Singapore, and Senegal, a stroboscopic stream of light and dark.

This is a taboo topic in much of the region, so getting good quantitative data seems pretty much impossible. For Iran there is a notation of “unspecified male-to-male sexual contacts,” so I take the figure for Iran to mean that 29% of sexually active unmarried men in Iran are engaging in activities with other men.

But today came out with a paper with a result which suggests that the anecdotes of relatively widespread homosexual behavior in the Middle East are not totally unfounded or unrepresentative (the journalist Hugh Pope has indicated that Middle Eastern men have sometimes assumed he would naturally be open to sexual propositions because he was a Westerner. The paper is about HIV, Are HIV Epidemics among Men Who Have Sex with Men Emerging in the Middle East and North Africa? Does this mean that 29% of men in this sample are gay? As you likely know Iran’s state imposes conservative sexual mores upon its population.

Notwithstanding such contrasts in appearance, comparisons of our DNA show that human populations are continuous, one blending into the next, like the spectrum of our skin coloring.

We all carry the same genes for skin color, but our genes responded differently to changes in solar intensity as bands of migrated away from the unrelenting sun of the equator.


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