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Former Harrow School art teacher Joanne Salley learned a hard lesson last year when revealing photos of her taken by a colleague went viral on the internet.Here, in an exclusive interview, she talks for the first time about what really happened For the pupils of a famous, centuries-old North London boys’ public school, that dream recently became reality.Mr Fitzgerald told the court that it should have been a “red-line” issue for the company.“A naked 14-year-old picture was being put on a shame page,” he said.‘We have our beautiful Carrara marble half-life size princess,’ she says, pointing to a delicate white figure in front of the hotel. It took ten men to maneuver her into her lovely spot.‘ In addition to the pint-size princess, there are abstract sculptures of blocks and curves, statues of women (if you are easily shocked, be warned that most of them are naked) and animals situated decoratively throughout the grounds.A reclining nude by Paddy Campbell is carefully positioned on a grassy slope so anyone walking down the nearby stairs catches sight of her. In a nearby copse of trees a stag stands poised, head turned towards the people walking down the path towards it.The Lough Allen Hotel is playing host to the 'International Naturist Congress', with naturists from over 20 countries in attendance.

Eamonn, membership secretary of Aquarius, a Leinster-based naturist association, said he would love to see Irish laws changed to bring us in line with the "far more relaxed attitude" of Europe.When she first arrived at Harrow School to take up her teaching role in the art department, Joanne Salley – a former Miss Northern Ireland – found herself the object of innocent schoolboy infatuations.As she clacks into the Knightsbridge café she’s suggested we meet in for coffee (she’s staying at a friend’s flat nearby) she is wrapped in a cream cashmere sweater and wheeling a suitcase behind her – in a few hours’ time she will fly to her friend Lisa B’s ‘wild’ themed 40th birthday party in Ibiza.‘That’s the real purpose of our exhibition here,’ Brett explains.‘Often sculpture is confined to the white cube and that isn’t where it should be seen.She is suing the social media giant and the man suspected of posting her photograph in what is believed to be the first case of its kind in the world.Facebook is attempting to have the claim against it dismissed, arguing that it always took the picture down once notified.Curator Lorraine Brett has spent the last week installing the sculptures - by some of Ireland's most renowned artists - in their new, temporary home.It was delicate, nerve-wracking work and she is obviously relieved to have accomplished it without incident."It's like a big family, because you have already got something in common. The first gathering of its kind on these shores, the congress aims to promote "touristic naturism" - despite the fact that public nudity remains illegal in Ireland and there are no officially designated nudist areas.There is not the same ice-breaking as when you are sitting in a bar or something," said Wendy (51). Mick Ayers, vice-president of the International Naturist Federation, said Ireland was missing out on the growing worldwide market for naturist tourism.


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