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Objectdatasource onupdating not firing Live chat sex free viet nam

(3b) Then I copy and paste the exact coding from the problem aspx to ....this modified works, to my amazement !!! This aspx works......until not knowing when.....update command problem happen again.Work around I am going to do: Programmatically fill in datasource's parameters and promatically invoke datasource's updating event. But I am so reluctant because with so many aspx I have written, I know ASP.

When I finally resort to set the Update Method's parameter manually, everything works!

event to check the cache for an object first, and only create an instance of the object, if one is not already cached.

Then, handle the Object Disposing event to cache the business object for future use, instead of destroying it.

What I have done to narrow down the problem: (1) Replace Object Data Source with an equivalent Access Data Source : same problem.

(2) Check that sequence, parameter names and number of Bind("xxx") in Edit Item Template is identical to Object Data Source's parameter collection (3a) Create a new Test.aspx, using Access Data Source, update command works.


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