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In contract last SOAP webservice the JAVA code is created first which inturns creates the wsdl. Payload Root; import org.server.endpoint.annotation. Request Payload; import org.server.endpoint.annotation.

The contract first webservice is a bit difficult to implement as compared to contract last webservice as the xsd and wsdl needs to be created manually.

XML validation error on request: cvc-elt.1: Cannot find the declaration of element 'myns:my Request'.

If Abstract Validating Interceptor is patched to always retrieve a validator (in handle Request() and handle Response()) the error disappears: Code: validator = Xml Validator Factory.create Validator(schemas, schema Language); The schema and wsdl file is at the right dir position (WAR-Root).

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If the configuration is changed, to validate only the request, the first request is validated and the ws responds with a valid response.You can also grab the code from the Source Repository.For Eclipse users, you should read about Setting up Eclipse.Spring-ws API works on the principal of contract first SOAP webservice.In this type of webservice implementation the wsdl is created first.We do not have to create a WSDL, this will be generated by Spring using the XSD schema and configuration (will be discussed later).For creating the schema for request and response consider a usecase in which we will send a complex object containing some order detail in request and service will return price and other information in response.Spring Web Services 2.0 Step by Step Publishing Web Service and client for the web service.Here, we will crate a web service using contract first approach. You can find library jars in following locations: \spring-framework-3.1.0.The first thing to do is to identify the request and response xml and to create the XSD. Since Spring-ws is a contract first API we have to come up with the xsd. The XSD will be used to generate the wsdl in later sections.


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