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Unless your new lover has been celibate or they just moved here from Brooklyn (you lucky SOB) they have almost certainly dated someone you know, you know OF, your friends know, or your ex knows.

On the surface, Portland seems like the perfect place to meet people.

If you haven’t processed and put into practice my advice from last week on Things you need to get over before dating in Portland, I forgive you (for now!

) but it might be time to consider meeting people in places that aren’t so obvious.

Meeting someone in a bar can set you up for months of hanging out behind a glass of whiskey – and maybe that’s exactly what you want. Meeting someone at a yoga class can set you up for an active relationship; you’ve put your priorities out there without having to say “Keeping my smokin’ hot body and intuitive mind in shape are important to me.” Essentially, you’re helping weed out the ones that aren’t into what you’re into. I’m not going to lie – this list is selfishly based on my experiences and the things I like.

I like sushi, cats, writing, world history, Bob's burgers, traveling, and going for long walks.n Be warned, I'm very sarcastic.

I'm an art student in Portland who just wants to do something new and interesting everyday.

I have integrity, truthful, faithful, sensitive, soft spoken, gentle, kind.

Here's where you can meet singles in Portland, Maine.


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