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The only planet that has a larger satellite in relation to its size is Pluto--Pluto's moon is more than half the size of Pluto.

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Now, the moon is back at the center of efforts not only to explore space, but to create a permanent, independent space-faring society.While in Tibet, with the help of herbs, charms, chanting, and meditation, he's learned to control the wolf inside.Oz wants to get back together with Willow, but she is reluctant.Any rocket leaving Earth has to carry all the fuel it will ever use to get to its destination and, if needed, back again.That fuel is heavy – and getting it moving at such high speeds takes a lot of energy.Oz arranges to talk with Willow later, and after Oz leaves, Tara also leaves the incredibly uncomfortable situation.Buffy and Riley talk about how bad Willow and Oz's break-up really was, and Buffy accidentally mentions that Oz is a werewolf.“His GPA did not warrant it, his SAT scores did not warrant it.We thought for sure, there was no way this was going to happen. It was a little bit disappointing because there were at the time other kids we thought should really get in on the merits, and they did not.”Risa Heller, a spokeswoman for Kushner Companies, said in an email Thursday that “the allegation” that Charles Kushner’s gift to Harvard was related to Jared’s admission “is and always has been false.” His parents, Charles and Seryl Kushner, “are enormously generous and have donated over 100 million dollars to universities, hospitals and other charitable causes.At the Scooby Gang meeting, Buffy explains that there is little going on, but as usual, Giles knows that means trouble.As the meeting ends, Oz shows up in the doorway, shocking everyone into silence.


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