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Quicken not updating prices relationships removing dating profiles

If you are attempting to update Vanguard accounts in Quicken and are getting an error that Vanguard is no longer able to update, you may need to review Quicken for Windows 2014–2016 on how to deactivate and the reactivate your accounts.

Quicken service upgrade instructions: We're upgrading our transaction download service.

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They also ask for suggestions to improve the product.

Customer service has never been their strong point!

I also use Q02 and noticed the exceptions starting this month.

Must admit I am now starting to get with what seems to be the majority here. The update transactions from ANZ also do not work, this has been a problem for over a week now.

Cant update my trades (although until today the share prices updated ok) so I have to manually record my trades into quicken which is very time consuming. Hi everyone, Our team have identified the cause of this issue and have proceeded toward working on the fix.


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