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Randall knife dating

The O in Orlando began about a half space indented from R of Randall.

The comma between ORLANDO and FLA was about half a letter high and no space separated it from FLA..

In the line dedicated to Model 1 APFK, I noted a certain knife was dated later than its accompanying sheath based on the stamp on the blade.

I later posted the proof and research data elsewhere on line for personal reasons.

Now I'd like to share it here because I've become confident enough that I find myself using the information.

Ive been looking at the stamps on the blades of old Randall knives, pre 1973.

Typically these have a brown button embossed with the Heiser name for a grip snap.

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The limit on extra features that may be ordered on a knife has been set to five chargeable features.Randall knives are 100% hand made and no two are exactly alike.Demand is so great for all models that there is typically a wait of a few years to deliver a new knife ordered from Randall.Demand is generally so great for all models that we normally have a backlog of years.Currently, we are scheduling knife deliveries into year 2022, 5 years production.But it should be noted that most of our dealers submit orders consistently every year, so they will receive knives on a regular basis.Unfortunately, we do not have knives available from stock.Early Hunter, pre-hump/pre-Model #4 (some people call these a Model 3-1/2), left-handed sheath, domed metal snap, domed rivets, full-length blade flats, brass nut w/brass washer, and cigar handle shape. Ron I'm just passing on the info I obtained from the "pro's." Probably the most prolific Mod.3 Randall collector describes this knife as a 44 or 1st half of 45 made knife.He gives a number of reasons which are too many for me to copy and add here.The etymology of the word navaja is derived from the Latin novacula, meaning razor, and the Andalusian knife known as the navaja is thought to have derived from the navaja de afeitar, or straight razor used for shaving.Like the straight razor, the navaja's blade folds into the handle when not in use.


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