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Since leaving the Bay, Paul has stepped behind the camera, and now runs his own acting school and production studio in Melbourne. Vinnie Patterson aka Ryan Kwanten If ever there was a Home and Away couple we loved it was Leah and Vinnie.This young fella first swanned into Summer Bay on a jet ski, and he left many a heart racing (including Gyspy's) with his antics. There's no need to ask us what happened to Ryan Kwanten now is there?Here, in honour of Luke Mitchell and Axel Whitehead's departure, and of course, Steve Peacocke's 'Herculean' triumph, are just Ten hotties we miss rather dearly... Kim Hyde aka Chris Hemsworth The surly son of school Principal Barry Hyde went on to break hearts and take names, enjoyed a relationship with an older woman (Rachel), was fooled into thinking he was Hayley's baby daddy, and eventually sailed off into the sunset with Kit and his real son, Archie. Well, he captained the USS Kelvin before picking up one hell of a magnetic hammer. Aden went from tormented troublemaker to one of the gang before our eyes, eventually becoming part of one of the most popular Home and Away couples of all time.Sure the fans are still hoping for a Dallas style shower scene return for Belle after all these years... Between the dodgy attitude and the even dodgier hair, we didn't quite know what to make of him for a while.BUT Taylor Swift is famously besties with none other than Selena Gomez, so what does it all MEAAAANNN? [Daily Mail]Celebrity feuds aren't limited to teenage girls, though! Recently, Homeland's Damian Lewis threw major shade at Sir Ian Mc Kellen when he joked that, had he remained merely a stage performer, he'd have ended up a "fruity actor" destined to play wizards. Still though, it's straight-up brave for Ashley Benson to be speaking truth to power like this. I'm no Nikki Finke, but it sounds like somebody reaaaally wants to leave their TV series. As long as Ashley Benson promises to continue to appear in movies as incredible as Spring Breakers, I think we as a society should allow it. Turns out she's still just a 17-year-old, stirring up drama with the girls in the school yard. So anyway, UPDATE: Lorde recently dined with Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift has always made a habit of friend-collecting every du jour celebrity she can get her paws on.

View all the photos and preview this issue online here.While one has bedded virtually all of Bon Temps’ most eligible babes, the other’s been too busy working to capitalize on his heartthrob status.And while one freely references Nobel-Prize winning astrophysicists, the other almost were panther.cast as HBO gets ready for one of its marquee shows, and one of its strongest performers. They sent over screeners for 3 episodes last week and I’ve only had time to watch the first. And while I still have many questions about how certain things will hold, I am impatient to find time to watch 4-02. Also attached – photos of the lovely Rutina Wesley who needs, desperately, for the writers to give her a better storyline; Sam Trammell and his pregnant girlfriend Missy Yager; Ryan Kwanten and Lindsay Pulsifer, one of my bright spots because, clearly, you’ve never met a more incompetent couple; the badass Nelsan Ellis whose witch and Jesus storyline will feature prominently; and the lovely Kristin Bauer whose chemistry with Skarsgard’s Eric is maybe the best on the show. As I’ve mentioned on other occasions, I wasn’t hungry for during the hiatus and this was the challenge of 4-01: to give me back the taste for a show that, frankly, I didn’t miss for 9 months. When you’re working on the scenes with the other actors it’s a complete privilege and Sarah has led the show beautifully.”Viewers have seen Catherine contend with a conspiracy within her police force, problems raising her grandchild and an on-off relationship with her ex-husband – but it’s Norton as Tommy that generates the carnage.A brooding presence, whenever Norton makes an appearance a sense impeding mayhem pervades the scene.“You read that part as an actor and your heart sings – because it’s a gift,” he says.Actor James Norton, 28, has just spent a busy afternoon running up and down a Cambridge street, in the rain, dressed in striped pyjamas.He’s filing forthcoming ITV detective show Grantchester, set in the 1950s, in which he plays boozy vicar Sidney Chambers, whose amateur sleuthing is assisted by sidekick Robson Green.The scene proved controversial and prompted some critics to once again debate what level of violence is acceptable to depict on television drama.“If you compare the violence in Happy Valley to the violence in something like Game of Thrones it’s nothing,’ says Norton.“But it is shocking because it’s so real and grounded.


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