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And viewers will catch up with season eight’s beloved contestant Abby Rike, who continues to inspire others with her unforgettable story of triumph over tragedy, and with season six favorite Kristin Steede, who recently fulfilled her dream to have a baby after losing weight on the show.

Plus, several past season winners will reunite for a very special Thanksgiving dinner prepared by popular chef Curtis Stone.

Over 30 former contestants will be airing on the special episode, including season nine’s Sam Poueu and Stephanie Anderson, season seven finalist Tara Costa and season six favorite Kristin Steede, among others.

The NBC press release below has more details about the special: Two-Hour Special Catches Up with Popular Contestants From Past Seasons, Including Two who Fell in Love on the Show and Get Engaged at the Biggest Loser Ranch, One Who Fulfilled Her Dream to Have a Baby After Losing Weight, A Tongan Player’s Motivational Trip to Meet with Tongan Royalty, and 50 Former Contestants Reuniting to Compete in the San Francisco Triathlon and 5K and 10K Races at Treasure Island UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. Season 10 of ‘The Biggest Loser’currently airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. More than 30 former contestants will be featured in the special, revealing how they look now and what they’ve been doing with their lives since being on the show.

It was funny, though, because my mom hates facial hair. It’s actually a predominant Bay Area look, so we’re familiar with it. Stephanie: I laughed out loud at Ashley’s comments about it being “the Jacob’s Ladder to hell.” I wasn’t afraid of it, but would I have been able to stay on it for two and a half hours? Daris is not a quitter, and to hear him talk to Bob about it put it in perspective.

So even though I had lost the weight and she hadn’t seen me since the at-home episode, she still was like, “What is that on your face? '” But the first thing she said was, “We’ve got to get rid of it.” I was ready for it. Mentally, he’s just trying to catch up with his body. Sam: Koli’s was the one vote I knew I could count on.

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But my body couldn’t drop any more weight, and that wasn’t conducive to the game show,” Sam tells In Touch.

“I immediately knew Sam was a great guy,” she says. I was thinking, ‘I wonder if he looks at me as a fat girl.’ Little did I know, he had a crush on me!

The "Biggest Loser" wedding that looked on track to yield a "Biggest Loser" baby has reportedly taken an unfortunate turn — toward the first "Biggest Loser" divorce.

"Things are going to happen." And indeed, things have.

Two patients were hospitalized after collapsing during a one-mile (1.6 km) foot race for the season 8 premiere.


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