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Sap db02 not updating girl next door dating chris angel

This document gives a quick heads up for activities needs to be performed post upgrade from 4.6c to ECC 6 Follow-Up Activities The follow-up activities are divided into three blocks: • Actions needed before resuming production operation These actions ensure that all the processes that are relevant to system operation are available again.

You can start these actions while the upgrade program is finishing the upgrade.

• Actions during limited production operation During this time, your SAP system is already consistent and all the processes that are relevant to system operation are available.

However, this system state does not yet contain measures for optimizing performance, or actions for resuming standard operation (resuming background processing, or adjusting authorizations, for example).

Best practices is to refresh these when large data loads are done, or on a periodic basis.

By removing this flag, the system will not spend processing time on SID generation, resulting in faster data loads. Outdated Database Statistics Database statistics are used by the database to route queries.Is that problem related to some full space (QAQQPRF)? Select TABLESPACE_NAME from dba_tablespaces; No tablespace have shown after this sql query , now we are going to check it from DB02 transaction ; Tablespace PSAPSR3731 normally not exist anymore but DB02 couldn’t realize that.However, RSDB4090 isthe program that ensures that the data for the 'State on disk'(transaction DB02) and the 'CCMS Backup Monitor' (DB12) is available.Solution Using transaction SM36, plan RSDB4090 as a periodic background job.In this blog, I will attempt to address the top-10 simplest and most common performance tuning issues I see at companies.Also, join me at the BI 2011, conference on March 15-18 in Las Vegas, or on June 7-9 in Amsterdam, where I will be presenting more in-memory processing options with BWA and BO Explorer. BEx Flags in conformance layer DSOs Often many Data Store Objects are flagged as 'reportable', even when not being used for reporting.RSDB4090 should run in the morning and in the evening.The aim is thatit should run after a backup has been made, but before the backup ischecked using transaction DB12.You should refresh the statistics on a weekly basis with an adequate sample size (20% is default). This is a problem for infocubes with a high-cardinality flag set (causes the index type to change from bitmaps to b-tree).Check this in RSA1-Performance tab and repair these indexes in RSRV for impacted infocubes. Infocube Partitioning When data in infocubes becomes very large (more than 40-100 million records), it is very important to have both physical and logical partitioning of these objects to have good load and read performance.


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