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Science news dating connections

The site where Naia lies is now 130 feet below sea level and sea level rise would have raised the groundwater level in the cave system and submerged everything between 9,700 and 10,200 years ago.So initial estimates of the latest that animals and humans could have walked into the cave system was 9,700 years ago.The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope is famous for its jaw-dropping snapshots of the cosmos.At first glance this Picture of the Week appears to be quite the opposite, showing just a blur of jagged spikes, speckled noise, ...Currently, most parts of a smart phone are made of silicon and other compounds, which are expensive and break easily, but with almost 1.5 billion smart phones purchased worldwide last year, manufacturers are on the lookout ...

This collaborative interdisciplinary research effort is reported in today's (May 16) issue of . Culleton, postdoctoral fellow in anthropology, Penn State, were originally asked to directly date the skeleton.

(In the image above, some neurons are color-coded according to their sensitivity to various line orientations.) Ultimately, by speeding up and automating the process of mapping such networks in both mouse and human brain tissue, researchers hope to learn how the brain’s structure enables us to sense, remember, think, and feel.

By splitting a water molecule into two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen, scientists can use the boundless energy of the sun to make a clean fuel. (Phys.org)—A pair of researchers with the University of Maine and Columbia University has conducted a study of the past to make predictions about rainfall patterns in coming years. (Phys.org)—A team of researchers with the National Center for Nanoscience and Technology in China has developed what it is calling a skin-like triboelectric nanogenerator (STENG). Travelers wishing to visit the United States can now be asked for their social media handles and email addresses going back five years, a new U. government request that's alarmed privacy advocates but which the Trump Administration ...

Changes to the genes that shortened the Galapagos cormorant's wings are the same genes that go awry in a group of human bone disorders characterized by stunted arms and legs, suggests new research.

The findings shed light on the genetic mechanisms underlying the evolution of limb size and could ...


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