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Suggested Contacts automatically keeps track of everyone you send a message to, but isn’t in your Outlook contacts.Unlike the Auto-Complete List that appears when you begin typing a name or email address in the To, Cc, or Bcc boxes of a message, you can search your suggested contacts, and there is no maximum number of suggested contacts.NDSU's Parking and Transportation Services Office will communicate this availability to employees.Creating Or Updating Your Resume Applying For Positions Succeeding During Your Interview Community Q&A Getting a position with an employer after being self employed is an obtainable goal.To prevent synchronization of the Suggested Contacts folder, review the documentation provided by your synchronization software.I use Outlook where I have the Global Address List (GAL) online from an Exchange Server.Personal Information Allows employees to view and/or change their home and mailing addresses, phone numbers, emergency contacts, email addresses, marital status and ethnic group(s).It also allows employees to view and/or change their data privacy status.

It also allows employees to view W-2 tax information from 2005 to the most current tax year available or request a W-2 be mailed to them.

Of course, this sharing process also serves as a nice viral way for Cobook to gain some traction through users’ friend networks, too.

Occasionally, you send email messages to people who aren’t in your Outlook contacts.

Some of those contacts have been added to my personal contacts list in outlook.

There are also some Lync contacts in my personal contacts, but in a different list.


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