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There’s a bit of an Easter Egg in the promo, when Unfinished Sympathy starts blaring out of a passing car. Was it in the treatment or was it an off-the-cuff experiment? I did an intense sort of mini workshop with them in a hotel room before we went out.

I filmed it on my i Phone, and reviewed it with them. It’s not the first time you’ve worked with the Massive Attack crew – there’s your short for Robert del Naja’s Battle Box.

Nina Dobrev, who stars as Elena Gilbert on the series, announced her departure Monday in an Instagram message to her fans.

Here’s Dobrev’s announcement: Dearest TVD Family, I’ve just spent the most beautiful weekend on Lake Lanier in Georgia with my own TVD Family, the cast and crew of The Vampire Diaries.

In humans and other animals, albinism is not necessarily such a big deal.

But albino plants are unable to do the very thing that makes a plant a plant.

Did that create a more trusting environment for the project? D and G and Marc their manager are all about as sharp as it gets and you can’t second guess any of them.

The Telegraph traces the brief online life of “Tay” (@Tayand You on Twitter), an AI chat bot designed to replicate the speech patterns of teenage girls.

“The AI with zero chill,” as Microsoft called her, was programmed to be self-conscious and shy, like Kanye West and Taylor Swift, and use “millennial slang,” and her stated purpose was to help Microsoft improve the customer service on its voice-recognition software.

Naturally, the cesspool of human thought that is Twitter hated her on principle.

donald trump is the only hope we’ve got.” And then there were the pornographic tweets.

(Of course there were pornographic tweets.) On the upside, though, she’s also a big fan of #National Puppy Day?


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