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Sex chats in shower

- Kitty, was that really your idea of "cooling down"?

Not so long ago the two Parisian superheroes were chasing criminals - actual, dangerous and armed individuals - through half of their city and stopped them only with a bit of Ladybug's ingenuity regarding the use of her yo-yo.

The steam rolls out of the stall, creeping over the mirror with smoky tentacles. I strip off my tank and panties and step in to the shower. “I’d be happy to, babe, but it’s gonna cost you.” I roll my eyes. Your cocky smile melts my resolve, but I still have to warn you…

Just as I’m leaning my head back and soaking my hair it occurs to me that I didn’t get a towel. I can’t possibly bargain with you at in the morning. “Honey…you know I love this…but I didn’t plan for it this morning.

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Even though the drizzle ended some time ago, the collected water was still travelling down the pipes, pouring directly onto the heads of the two heroes.

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Getting into the shower with her husband, the water lukewarm because her kids used up all the hot water, the mum writes that as the couple shared a "passionate kiss" they heard their children's phantom cries "every 30 seconds."Not ideal. And yet the story only continues to get worse ..."Trying to catch our footing we hear a loud SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! We are surrounded ..."The moment has gone, she admits, as the pair laugh together.

Sexy-time is over as quickly as it began."We get back to best friend mode," the mum writes, "laughing so hard we are barely able to catch our breath."As a reminder of the "crazy ride" that is parenting, the mum then shares that they decided to snap a "goofy picture" to capture the moment."Some of you will think 'omg why would you post something so private'," she writes.


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