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Edgar Maddison Welch, who took an assault rifle to a Washington pizza joint to investigate a fantastical conspiracy theory thrashing about in the dark crevices of the internet, has been worrying about The End of Days.“Remove your dark deeds like dirty clothes, and put on the shining armor of right living,” Welch urged others on his Facebook page, citing a Biblical verse from Romans.Shelter is provided in a warm living environment for those needing safe sanctuary.

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Police said he fired three shots from an AR-15, then surrendered peacefully after finding no evidence of child sex slaves in the Chevy Chase restaurant.Rape crisis centers are private, nonprofit organizations committed to helping all members of the public. A (Domestic Abuse is NOT Acceptable) a program of the Alleghany Partnership for children P. Box 1643 Sparta, NC 28675 Office Line: (336) 372-2846 ext. Most crisis lines are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are a member organization of NCCASA and need to update your information, please contact Megan Clarke at [email protected] Box 673 Burlington, NC 27216-0673 Administrative Line: (336) 228-0813 Crisis Line(s): (336) 228-0360 Fax: (336) 228-7087 Website: D. 102 Crisis Line: (336) 372-DANA (3262) Spanish Crisis Line: (336) 657-0466 Fax: 336-372-7705 Website: County Domestic Violence Coalition P. Box 694 Wadesboro, NC 28170 Administrative Line: (704) 694-4499 Crisis Line(s): (704) 690-0362 Fax: (704) 694-4515 Website: I have extensive training and experience addressing these issues, as well as addressing the impact of PTSD, anxiety, and depression symptoms.""I am a sex therapist working with individuals to address issues such as lack of intimacy, performance issues and erectile dysfunction, trouble with orgasms, pain issues, past trauma, or to improve the relationship as a whole.I have extensive training and experience addressing these issues, as well as addressing the impact of PTSD, anxiety, and depression symptoms.""Talking about intimacy issues can be challenging and intimidating.Cross Roads Sexual Assault Response & Resources Center, Inc. : Shoe display located in the Iredell County Courthouse during the month of October - Domestic Violence Awareness Month indicating that anyone can be a victim - young, old, male, female - no racial or socioeconomic boundaries exist.: Empty Place at the Table display is a powerful statement of how domestic violence tears families apart.I work with people who would like to: experience more satisfaction in their intimate life; learn how to talk more comfortably to their partner about sexuality, sensuality, and intimacy; address a sexual problem that is causing concern in their life or relationship; receive help connecting with their partner in the bedroom; and explore ways to bring more pleasure to their partner.""I work with couples using the Gottman Method and am also AASECT certified therapist and treat all sexual disorders, both with couples and with individuals.I treat all relationship issues, including affair recovery, out of control sexual behavior and ambiguity about whether or not to stay together.Your conversations with rape crisis center staff are kept private and confidential by North Carolina law. Box 1591 Boone, NC 28607-1591 Administrative Line: (828) 264-1532 Crisis Line(s): (828) 262-5035 Fax: (828) 264-1538 Website: Crisis Intervention 155 N. Box 1114 Asheville, NC 28802 Administrative Line: (828) 252-0562 Crisis Line(s): (828) 255-7576 Fax: (828) 252-8601 Website: P. Box 2512 Morganton, NC 28680 Administrative Line: (828) 438-9444 Crisis Line(s): (828) 438-9444 Fax: (828) 437-0323 Website: Swain/ Qualla SAFE P. Box 1416 Bryson City, NC 28713-1416 Administrative Line: (828) 488-9038 Crisis Line(s): (828) 488-6809 Fax: (828) 488-1620 SAFE, Inc. If you are concerned about mandatory reporting to the police or to DSS, you can withhold your name and still have your questions answered in privacy (please see the website’s confidentiality section for further information). Please feel free to call them and use their services, whether you are a teenager, a child or an adult; whether you are LGBT or heterosexual; whether you are a person with or without a disability; and whether you are male or female. (A Safe Home for Everyone) 626 Ashe Central School Road, Unit 1 Jefferson, NC 28640 Administrative Line: (336) 246-5430 Crisis Line(s): (336) 246-5430 Fax: (336) 982-8860 Website: Inc. Market St Suite 225 Washington, NC 27889 Administrative Line: (252) 758-4357 Crisis Line(s): (252) 946-0294 Fax: (252) 758-0455 Website: SAFE (Hertford County) P. Box 98 Ahoskie, NC 27910-0098 Administrative Line: (252) 332-1933 Crisis Line(s): (252) 332-1933 Fax: (252) 332-2450 Families First (Columbus County) P. Box 1776 Whiteville, NC 28472-1776 Administrative Line (Whiteville): (910) 642-5996 Administrative Line (Elizabethtown): (91) 862-2534 Crisis Line(s): (910) 641-0444 Fax: (910) 641-0253 Website: Crisis Center – Brunswick Coastal Horizons Center, Inc. Shalotte, NC 28470 Administrative Line: (910) 392-7185 Crisis Line(s): (910) 392-7460 Fax: (910) 392-0628 Website: VOICE, Inc.


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