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Spune'mi ce urmeaza (sex sex) pana dupa'amiaza (sex sex) Nu mai conteaza nici program si nici vreo munca Vad in ochii tai cum te gandesti intens la o porunca Ooo se lasa cu scenarii Aplecata toata pusa pe avarii N'am cum sa nu te trec la dosar cand stai parcata asa neregulamentar(scuza'ma) N'as da in tn nici cu o floare da'subconstientu' tau stiu ca te roade tare tare Nuuu nu ma intelege gresit Esti numai buna de...iubit Oooo nu exista drog mai tare decat sex se sex se sex sex sex(x2) Nu exista drog mai tare decat sex, am incercat si Extasy si LCD si restu' Nu exista drog mai tare decat sexul sex se sexul... Nu exista drog mai tare decat sex, am incercat si Extasy si LCD si restu' Nu exista drog maï tare decat sexul sex se sexul...(x4)1. A 1992 study from Amsterdam, for instance, found that about one in six U. soldiers surveyed said that sex without condoms was worth the risk of getting the AIDS virus.A year later a story released by Planned Parenthood counselor offices in San Antonio, Texas, explained how teenage girls were demonstrating their toughness by having unprotected sex with an HIV-infected gang member.Bakom motionen står socialdemokraten Per-Erik Muskos, 42.– I grunden har vi redan en friskvårdstimme sedan flera år tillbaka.Sex and death have a number of connections other than having been taboo topics in polite company and controversial subjects in school curriculums.As is the case with many taboos, both can lead to fetishes and eroticisms, and their mere mention holds shock value for young adults.

The study revealed sex differences in worries about pregnancy, STIs, and reputation; however, these predictors did not succeed in accounting for the sex differences in regret engaging in casual sex.

And what accounts for within-sex variation in experiences of sexual regret about casual sex.

We conducted a study of 263 Norwegian students (ages 19–37) who reported how much they regretted having either engaged in, or passed up, their most recent casual sexual experience.

Predictors of within-sex variation in casual sexual regret included worry about sexual reputation, experienced gratification during the encounter, and socio-sexual orientation.

Discussion focuses on implications for the psychological design features of this relatively neglected emotion.


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