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Signs you39re dating a commitment phobe

Commitment-phobes cannot be transparent with their activities.

They tend to compartmentalize the different parts of their life.

Why do I feel needy and desperate when I talk to him all of a sudden? I've never met a man who spent so much time and energy trying to win me over. But when I suggested we have dinner with my parents, I didn't hear from him for a week! I love you, baby, but I really like things the way they are now. His own negative self-beliefs about commitment, love and relationships will guarantee that this relationship won't last.

Amy told me about a recent conversation with the man she thought she wanted to marry:"Am I the crazy one here? He practically lives with me and I've never even seen his place! He says, 'Can't we just keep things like they were? Amy is dealing with a man who suffers from commitment-phobia and a deep fear of intimacy.

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My best bet is that he will sabotage this relationship fairly soon and it will be over. Commitment-phobes, tend to choose jobs that allow for a lot of flexibility to travel, not work in an office and control their own schedules.

Commitment-phobic men may display some or many of the following behaviors:1.

They have a history of short relationships or have never been married.

Or, maybe you’ve been dating for a bit, you start talking about the next step in the relationship and BAM! But is deliberately remaining a love-free-zone a result of emotional issues or a choice? Here’s how to know if you should jump ship or stay onboard…

Signs they’re commitment shy: They may have even chased you in the beginning, everything seems hunky dory but now you’re talking about meeting family or planning your future together, they’re pulling away, making excuses, not wanting to talk about it or even asking why things can’t just stay as they are. Men and women are often commitment phobes for different reasons: Men: The good news is that most of these points don’t write off the relationship so the next step is really down to you.


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