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*** Corrected from original list, which appeared to have typos as they were not in ascending order, may not be exact L0 025 858 Last Engine of L series 1500 low octane M240 E0 021 603 Last Engine of E series 1300 low octane M240 B6 440 900 Last engine of B6 series 1600 SP- USA H1 259 314 Last engine of H1 series 1500 SP F2 140 820 Last engine of F2 series 1300 SPD0 675 001 - 1200/34bhp DIN - 40HP SAE gross AB 000 001 - 1300/44bhp DIN - 52HP SAE gross AD 000 001 - 1600/50bhp DIN - 60HP SAE gross AE 000 001 - 1600/50bhp DIN - 60HP SAE gross - USA AC 000 001 - 1300/40bh P DIN (low octane) AF 000 001 - 1600/46bhp DIN (low octane)D0 836 000 - 1200/34bhp DIN AB 350 000 - 1300/44bhp DIN AD 360 023 - 1600/50bhp DIN AC 003 240 - 1300/40bhp DIN (low octane) AF 000 445 - 1600/46bhp DIN (low octane) AE 558 001 - 1600/48bhp DIN - 46HP SAE net - USA/49 AH 000 001 - 1600/48bhp DIN - 46HP SAE net -USA/Cal D1 000 001 - 1200/34bhp DIN AB 699 002 - 1300/44bhp DIN AC 006 701 - 1300/40bhp DIN low octane AF 000 802 - 1600/46bhp DIN low octane AD 598 002 - 1600/50bhp DIN AE 971 064 - 1600/48bhp DIN 46HP SAE net - US/49 AH 005 901 - 1600/48bhp DIN 46HP SAE Cal Manual AH 026 236 - 1600/48bhp DIN 46HP SAE Cal Autostick D1 115 874 - 1200/34bhp DIN AC 008 196 - 1300/40bhp DIN low octane AF 036 769 - 1600/46bhp DIN low octane AR 000 001 - 1300/44bhp DIN AS 000 001 - 1600/50bhp DIN AH 101 889 - 1600/48bhp US stick/auto Cal stick AH 114 419 - 1600/48bhp Cal auto AK 239 365 through AK 239 493 (End of AK series) D1 284 227 - 1200/34bhp DIN AC 008 520 - 1300/40bhp DIN low octane AF 092 708 - 1600/46bhp DIN low octane AJ 000 001 - 1600/50bhp DIN fuel injected USA AR 121 272 - 1300/44bhp DIN AS 171 567 - 1600/50bhp DINBeginning for 1965 model year, a "9" as the second digit prefix Beetle chassis/body number indicates an Australian built. This series of numbers from January 1960 was still free and were used in June and July 1965.The final release in the 1.x line was php BB 1.4.4, released on November 6, 2001.During the lifetime of the 1.x series, Bart van Bragt, Paul S.Available under the GNU General Public License, php BB is free and open-source.Features of php BB include support for multiple database engines (Postgre SQL, SQLite, My SQL, Oracle Database, Microsoft SQL Server), flat message structure (as opposed to threaded), hierarchical subforums, topic split/merge/lock, user groups, multiple attachments per post, full-text search, plugins and various notification options (e-mail, Jabber instant messaging, ATOM feeds).

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