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The rules listed below are applicable only within the realm of the Gorean Lifestyle here on Asj. Any slave entering this home will abide by the rules of this home and will demonstrate appropriate respect, behavior, and courtesy at all times. Intelligence and Wit are to be Rewarded -- Laxity and Laziness are punished.... Since a slave can not serve two masters fully at the same time, she can not be in two channels at the same time. While there is no specific verbage required, the announcement may be something similar to "xxxx has entered the home and wishes to know if she may be of service". If you are serving a guest, fix your attention on Him or Her only, otherwise greet those who enter, using Master or Mistress as appropriate. As such, girls visiting this home are highly encouraged to adhere to this policy when selecting a name for themself. Rude or disrespectful conduct will not be tolerated.

All Freepersons are to be served equally regardless of sex, race, philosophy or planet of origin. The use of upper case letters denotes hollaring, or shouting and will not be used inappropriately. Girls will always display their collars on their names (ie., "xxxx XX, or similar).

In general, the real life Gorean Community is not tolerant of disrespect, insolence, or those that are not serious about a commitment to this lifestyle.

Online Chat Room Slave Rules The Asj communities primary chat rooms are located here on the A submissives journey website.When speaking to a Free Person, one word answers, questions or statements will not be used. Visiting other Taverns, Inns or other places on Gor carries the risks of those places. A girl entering this room and not displaying her collar will be caged until such time as her Master claims her, or in the event He does not claim her within 24 hours, she will become collared to the room.With this exception, forced collars will not be recognized in this room.Gay Amateur clips Hot amateur guys in blowjub and fucking videos Master A's Foot Slaves BAD FOOT SLAVES, TRAINED FOOT SLAVES, FORCED SOCK WORSHIP, FOOT WORSHIP, DEEP TH...Boots Marchman I love porn- and I have my own likes and dislikes (just like everyone out there)... Czech Mates Clip Store Hard core gay videos from the Czech Republic Jordan Kross Fetish Store For the fans of porn star Jordan Kross, pov humiliation, crushing, foot fetish, ... Extreme Boyz Twink Bondage PPV Enjoy these Original Twink Bondage selections from Extreme Frankfeet's Foot Fetish Store Showing off my sweaty man feet for worship. Texas College Boys I'm Steve Myer and I've been filming hot college guys in Texas and dec...“And she said that if she or the other women refused to dance or perform sex acts, the defendant would be violent with them, and that he would hit them with a closed fist, kick them or push them down.” Police called the home a “house of horrors” — and not only because of the sex slaves Travis is believed to have kept.Investigators also seized two cellphones that belonged to Travis, according to a criminal complaint.You will not believe your eyes how awesome those chicks are when they are with their mouths gagged and eyes folded.Such pleasure to watch at them and see how their bodies are being covered with whip treat and their boobs are tied up so tight that they can barely breath.The phones contained graphic images of a man sexually abusing children, the complaint states.In one of the photographs, the child was lying on a sheet with a “distinctive blue and white pattern,” according to the complaint.


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