Slave web chat

Enables network connection (local and Internet) using HTTP or HTTPS protocol using the Arduino Wi Fi Shield 101, more information at the Reference for the Wi Fi shield 101 Library page.

Learn how to install this library on the Getting started page.

Enables easy access to the controls of the Arduino Robot Control board, more information at the Reference for the Robot Library page. NOTE: Arduino Robot is currently retired, therefore the documentation is no longer frequently updated.

It is recommended that if you are serious about learning about Gorean philosophy, you obtain and read the books. They are available through this website, as well as e Bay,, Amazon and used bookstores if you get lucky. • No one has to "Karta" It's not even a real Gorean thing, and if you're typing in the channel, you've already "entered".

Now on to the list of rules: • This channel is not a meat market, slave market, or pickup room. Slaves should beg to join the conversation if one is in progress, and also to be excused/afk. • Be respectful of others and behave according to your station.

Generally, one warning is given and then the person will be kicked from the channel. This room is for discussion of bringing the philosophies found in John Norman's Gor series into real life and living according to the vaules, tenets, ideals, values, etc contained therein.

You need not be Gorean to visit, as long as you are respectful of our values.


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