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Speed dating attire

I don't often wear a suit but I feel comfortable in one. and a good pair of running shoes to get to the pub asap afterwards.

I think it depends on the age group but most of the events are smart/casual so generally for guys it pants/jeans and shirt but if you feel best suited and booted go for it. They are usually quite chatty and up-beat evenings. Lib If you re into smart casual then that fine, but if you have a certain type of style that you see has defining who you are then I would wear that.

That said if you really want to make an impact, then a fig leaf could do the trick!!!

I just don't want to show up too casual in case the girls wear dresses and heels again.

Age range is 25-35 so I'm right in the middle and want to appear reasonably put together (mature, established, etc.) as well. can't give you a reply, but i noticed you gave me some feedback in one of my OT dating threads anyway, i'm interested to see where this thread goes and wouldn't mind getting some tips myself (although i've never tried speed dating before)... Speed dating is a blast whether or not I'm going dressed up or dressed down.

I am going to my first and hopefully last speed dating event in Gloucester next Saturday evening. Sorry Drama, I'm not making light of your dilema ...

Does anyone have experience of these, how they operate and would a suit be a little OTT?? Phil xx I havent been to one but I would say wear whatever makes you feel comfortable The hostess said that to which I replied 'shorts and flip flops', can't see them going down to well. I'm saving it for the next pof fancy dress meet, it's either that or Marco's 70s suit, he hasn't promised it me yet but I'm working on it ... never been speed dating, sounds horrific, I reckon you should wear something that you feel most 'yourself' in ....


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