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Speed dating in regina

If Babycheeks — my totem and spirit-guide — answered, it was lost beneath the bar’s raucous gabble of small talk and pick-up lines. She explained that we’d have five minutes for each “date,” which began when the bell rang. “Elise.” Her handshake was a dead fish, and she reeled it back immediately. A hostess with shiny teeth and a clipboard approached. At each subsequent ring, the men moved to the next table. Her arms crossed over her stomach, as if to keep an alien from bursting out. “My ex used to say that.” Her shadow-cat’s hackles rose. I loved Cheers.” I scrambled to shut my brain’s babble-faucet.

Everyone was like, 'Oh my gosh, you're Regina George.' I didn't even know it was such a big movie.

Alyson is known to have a big smile and a loud laugh and is a self-proclaimed coffee snob. Do you ever feel like you’ve lost some of your identity after your beautiful baby arrived into the world? We don’t take time to ourselves, we don’t have time to do the things we love.

We no longer put ourselves first, we become 2nd on a list…. I was at a mom’s group about a month ago and we were playing a fun game of friendship speed-dating to get to know one another.

The Olympic hopefuls at this year's games in Rio better watch their backs as they are about to meet their match: the one and only Regina George.

Yep, the queen of the plastics has got herself a ticket to compete at the 2016 games and we're guessing she won't be taking any prisoners when she hits the track for the 400m race.


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