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Sprint call log not updating

You can also access your My Sprint account on your smart phone or tablet using the Sprint Zone app. Popular apps such as 3G Watchdog, Dataman, and Data Monitor are frequently used to measure data usage on a device when built-in diagnostic systems are insufficient. Using one or more of the options listed here will help you keep your data usage within reasonable limits.

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Be aware that a large update will not trigger and update until it is finished, making it possible to go over your limit. Set up an account on My Sprint (go to and click on My Sprint at the top left), then log in.

Sprint may collect your name, location, and other identifying information at the beginning of the 911 call in order to connect you to the most appropriate Emergency Services Provider or Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP).

For more information, please see the FCC Advisory Page Please select the 911 information for one of the following services: Sprint IP Relay allows registered users to login using an internet connection with a web browser through Sprint

However, the handset's call log is limited to a certain number of days, after which the entries automatically get deleted.

To access a log that is not available on your phone, you can go to your Sprint account and access your phone's call history.


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