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State laws mandating the use of seatbelts in cars

Before buying a child car seat, make sure to read our article on How To Buy a Child Safety Seat.Cell phone restrictions: DMV.org's, How To Buy the Right Helmet, outlines what to look for when you're shopping for a U. Department of Transportation (DOT)-approved helmet. Every motor vehicle in West Virginia must have2 headlights in the front (one on each side), and every motorcycle or similar vehicle must have at least 1 headlight but no more than 2 headlights.Since an intoxicated person may become violent, you are encouraged to call 911 immediately to report your location, the make and model of the vehicle, and any suspicious behaviors you have witnessed.

This post covers the particulars of North Carolina’s seat belt requirements and addresses three common areas of confusion. 20-135.2A (1985) only required seat belt use by drivers and front seat passengers. 20-137.1, requires that drivers with passengers who are under 16 years of age have such passengers secured in a child passenger restraint system or seat belt. They apply to the following persons and motor vehicles: 2.Missouri law requires all drivers and front-seat passengers to wear seat belts.If the driver holds an intermediate driver license, all passengers must wear seat belts.Charges for both categories were vastly outnumbered by the 108,320 charges issued for unbuckled drivers that year. You need a statute book and a calculator to figure out the penalty for front seat violations.The monetary penalty for a seat belt violation has significantly increased since seat belt use was first mandated.If you have questions about Missouri's child safety restraint laws or wish to schedule a checkup to ensure your car seat is installed correctly, contact the Missouri Department of Transportation at (800) 800-2358.If you are traveling on Missouri roads and encounter a driver you believe to be under the influence of alcohol, do not attempt to confront the driver on your own.The driver will also receive three violation points on his or her driver record.School buses manufactured after 1987 must be equipped with seat belts, although New York State law does not currently require their use.of a motor vehicle manufactured with seat belts have a seatbelt properly fastened about his or her body when the vehicle is in forward motion on a street or highway. Ten years ago, the General Assembly amended the law to require that everyone in the vehicle, including rear seat passengers, buckle up. A handful of exceptions to the seat-belts-for-all-occupants requirement are listed in G. A motor vehicle may not be stopped for a back-seat passenger’s failure to buckle up.A law enforcement officer who has reasonable grounds to believe that a driver or front seat passenger does not have a seat belt properly fastened about his or her body may stop the car to investigate. 20-135.2A(d1) categorizes the failure to buckle up in the back seat as a secondary violation for which a vehicle may not be stopped.


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