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Strip truth or dare chat

Truth Or Dare (Levi x Reader)(Y/f/n)- Your first name(Y/l/n)- Your last name [It may not be used in this fanfic](F/n)- Friend's name--------------------------TRIGGER WARNING: There may be ships that you HATE in this fanfic, but just bear with me. About a few days ago, you finished your midterm exams. But, considering that Hanji made you (cough cough and Levi was there cough) you decided to go.

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This game is also great for a nice party with both new and old friends.

Pulling Britain’s jacket closer you slid down next to him.“Don’t you just love the stars,” he asked and laid back.

You never really noticed the stars before just like nobody noticed Matthew. It was yo Strip or Dare Germany Ending Germany was in some dire need of your assistances.

When he shifted as if to stand up you hurried to the door and practically flung yourself into the night.

You didn’t slow down until you were almost on top of Canada.


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