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The idea of the two dating had been circulating the rumor mill for a long time now.

Previously it’s always just been my word against yours, but now the netizens have found alleged proof that the two are definitely a couple.

Kai and Krystal admitted they were dating in April this year.

In 2015 fan theories arose suggesting that Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk were dating.

no v.i.p said anything bad abut taeyeon so why should you say anything bad about g-dragon?!!!!!!! We're friends", therefore GD don't like the racist ugly plastic fake overrated petite girls as taeyeon, taeyeon is the worst female leader of kpop. Wait are you a transgender sorry I don't get it v.v OMG people are just too niave and simple minded .

G-Dragon and Komatsu Nana Dating Rumor Confirmed With New Evidence? Communicating Through Instagram Tae Yeon left a mysterious message on Instagram with a photo captioned, “Where’s my boyfriend?

One bit of evidence for this was because they kept complimenting each other. In December last year Netizens had much ‘proof’ that Baekhyun and Taeyeon were still dating.

The evidence involved hashtags used on social media and liking of certain photos.

Netizens also brought up another Instagram post from back in April, when Taeyeon and G-Dragon uploaded selfies using the same photo app around the same time period. P kept looking at G-Dragon and Taeyeon back and forth, as if there was something special between the two.

In her post, Taeyeon has her hand in front of her face as if she is holding a gun. Fans commented, "You can't deny the constantly similar posts.


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