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Taylor swift and adam levine dating

ODDS: 3-1 NAME: Adam Young of Owl City, 26 EVIDENCE: Taylor Swift's song "Enchanted" was written, she said, about a mysterious dreamy loverboy she met in New York City after a series of emails in which the guy mentioned the word "wonderstruck." She put that word into the song as, you know, a Missed Connection or something; her liner notes, meanwhile, supposedly spelled out the name "ADAM" in the lyrics. ODDS: 2-1 NAME: Sarah Jaxheimer, 22 EVIDENCE: Taylor went on and on about her former classmate's shiny hair and enviable look in an interview with last year, suggesting Jaxheimer's effortless cool was something that tormented her on a daily basis.Lambert presumably wasn't interested, and Levine would have had to cheat on Anne, but Young was available, the sort of guy who says "wonderstruck" and the sort of guy who'd release an answer song last Valentine's Day along with a gooey love note about Swift being "a true princess from a dreamy fairy tale." POSSIBILITY: The chronology is perfect. Adam is totally the sort of guy who would call Taylor endlessly to have 23-minute conversations about her hypothetically taking him back. As an adolescent, this is just the sort of thing you don't forget. While Jaxheimer insisted that there was no rivalry between her and Taylor during their high school days, you never really know how someone else feels until they sing about it.We can imagine that's why there's a show in the Philippines dedicated to kids impersonating some of the biggest stars on the planet (sorta like a pre-school version of Stars In Their Eyes).coach Adam Levine has had his share of ladies on his arm and you can see just who Adam Levine has dated on this Adam Levine girlfriend list. Adam Levine is known for one night stands and late night hookups at the Chateau Marmont...

This past year showed an unprecedented amount of celebrities getting inked, from Kylie Jenner to Lady Gaga.

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If you really think about it, the late '90s and early 2000s was a golden era for our favorite pop stars.

They had their first child, a daughter, in September 2016.

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