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The "one China" principle is the political basis of the China-US relationship, the Chinese foreign ministry added, urging the "relevant side" to uphold this policy and carefully handle the Taiwan issue to avoid unnecessary disturbances in ties.

Under that policy, the US recognises Beijing as representing China, but retains unofficial ties with Taiwan.

The substance of the call wasn't all that remarkable. doesn't officially recognize Taiwan as an independent nation. Already, the country has lodged a formal complaint against the U. On the campaign trail, Trump repeatedly threatened to start a trade war with China. "acknowledged" China's position on the matter, it did not go so far as to officially endorse it.

Tsai congratulated Trump on his win, and the two leaders reaffirmed close ties between the two states. It's been considered a Chinese territory by the U. It's also worth noting that Trump currently has some business interests in Taiwan.

"President-elect Trump also congratulated President Tsai on becoming president of Taiwan earlier this year," it said.

The Hong Kong-based South China Morning Post, quoting a Taiwanese presidential spokesman, reported that Tsai initiated the 10-minute call.

When asked about the conversation, Trump’s transition team said: ‘During the discussion, they noted the close economic, political, and security ties between Taiwan and the United States.

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‘The one-China policy is the cornerstone of the healthy development of China-US relations and we hope this political foundation will not be interfered with or damaged,’ Wang said.

The president-elect has been fielding phone calls left and right from world leaders around the globe. The official line on Taiwan is part of a careful diplomatic balancing act for the U. to maintain good relations with the two rival countries. didn't necessarily endorse the policy, it basically agreed not to meddle.

Trump had a call with Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen on Friday. And China usually comes down hard on any attempts to formally recognize Taiwan as an independent nation. That "one-China" policy says Taiwan is part of China. Change Possible, Not Guaranteed With Taiwan's First Female President But relations between the incoming Trump administration and China were probably always going to be difficult.

OPINION: The new Taiwan crisis China's foreign ministry said on Saturday that it had lodged a protest with the "relevant side" in the US after the call - the first such contact with Taiwan by a US president-elect or president since President Jimmy Carter adopted a "one China" policy in 1979.

As part of its so-called "one China" policy Washington shifted diplomatic recognition of China from the government in Taiwan to the communist government on the mainland.


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