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The dating styles are

“Harry and Tess have been casually seeing each other and have been out on several dates,” the insider told Us.

“They met through mutual friends and are really into each other.” dropped, was a total secret.

When you’re one of the hottest singers in the world, the dating game is totally open.

But Harry Styles, 23, apparently only has eyes for Tess Ward!

First, Harry was out and about in a floral Gucci top (you know how much he loves floral).

Then, Tess was spotted in an identical shirt at the Audi Polo Challenge in London four days later. Neither Harry nor Tess have confirmed their romance, but that hasn’t stopped Tess from getting tons of hate mail on social media. Poor Tess refused to tell in a recent interview whether or not she was dating Harry, but divulged that she’s deleted Snapchat, doesn’t look at Twitter, and doesn’t like Instagram anymore because of the haters!

Lots of trends are short-lived and misguided, so be careful while you're shopping.For centuries, monogamous marriage (or a marriage that is presumed to be monogamous) has been the romantic ideal.However, the sexual revolution and the feminist movements of the 20th century have worked together to redefine what a relationship can or should be.The key to what makes it an “open relationship” is that the core relationship—the original couple, if you will—is committed to maintaining their relationship to each other above all else.Polyamorous: Polyamorous (or “poly”) is a sort of umbrella designation that refers to someone who is interested in maintaining multiple, committed relationships with various partners at once.Some interpreted this as confirmation, while others believed them to just be close friends —remember those?Nothing against Swift, but it’s nearly impossible to have a girlfriends list without seeing her famous name pop up.So, let’s have a look at who he’s dated in the past.Unless you’re an expert in all things Harry Styles, you may not remember that the pop star was linked to the British actress back in 2012.It’s basically when a couple decides that they would like to sleep with other people despite being in a generally monogamous relationship.Usually those in “open relationships” are committed to each other emotionally while the “openness” refers to an agreement between them that it is alright to engage in sexual activity with other people so long as they follow a set of rules agreed upon between them.


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