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A tireless creator, her newest venture is #We All Grow Summit, the intimate go-to professional and experiential conference for Latinas in the digital space.In a world that is looking for love, Facebook is becoming both a social support and a matchmaker.“I think being romantic is important to having a successful relationship,” said Garscia.“The closeness gained from expressing those emotions and feelings externally is a dimension of a relationship that shouldn't be left out.” While many will claim that they want to be surprised with a dinner on the beach at sunset…with a string quartet playing in the background, no one is going to object to a simple text message saying “thinking of you.” The idea of Students agree that small gestures can be just as, if not more important than any grand ones.Ana Flores (We All Grow Latina Network), Planet DMA, Debra Fine, Erin Kapczynski, Julie Spira, Tish Ciravolo (Daisy Rock Guitar), Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles am – noon Track II: Haas Conference Center – Room 171 Expect personal and entrepreneurial tips related to: – Differentiating your personal and start-up brand – How to leverage your philanthropic activities for your brand – Building communities – Maximizing the benefits of networking – How to define and build your customer base – Why you need to be active on social media – Reporting metrics – Small company naming, repositioning and transitions – and more!

C., where 70 bloggers were invited to receive a briefing at the White House.“Romance is a component of a relationship geared more towards the wooing and attraction of courting,” said senior Hayley Garscia of the University of California, Irvine.“It is the outward expression of love and intimacy.” What’s the point of saying how much you care for someone when you can’t even show it?Some men will write up to 50 emails and only receive two to five replies. That said, the male ego does like to get stroked and flattery will go far.I believe the more engaged a woman is in the process of online dating, the better matches she will receive and her actual dates will be more enjoyable.“When I find someone willing to go out of their way to do something special for me, that person is worth giving my time to,” said Garscia. Don’t miss Thursday’s branding panel at Digital Hollywood with our great line-up of panelists!Her first online venture was Spanglish Baby, the award-winning community and resource for parents raising bilingual and bicultural kids.In 2010, Ana graduated from blogger to CEO by launching Latina Bloggers Connect, Inc, a boutique digital influencer marketing agency focused on creating strategic content that connects brands and social causes with Latina bloggers and creators.“I am big on card writing and CD making so I always make little personalized notes,” said Garscia. You have to work at keeping that special someone in your life.You’ll see that showing how much you feel in the simplest of things will make the biggest difference.


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