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Tips for dating a rockstar

At our January Hubbers Speed Dating event, we invited Richard Biggs https://sg.linkedin.com/in/rbiggs2012 from Blippar. Anne-Laure is now Hub Singapore's Community and Space Manager.With his experience as a Senior Recruitment consultant as well as leading the successful expansion of the Blippar team and operations, Richard has been sharing his tips and tricks with other Hubbers who were attending. She is passionate about people and how their abilities can create better #business #technology #society in Singapore and the region.The first time we socialized outside the office, I was shocked when one of the people attending a small dinner party lit up when she recognized him.

Work your way through and then you can start opening up.” 2.Most students in Singapore are highly motivated and smart, so you may want to think about the best way to use their time and skills (rather than just off-load Admin tasks that you hate doing).I know you want to, but a remote virtual assistant paid an hour is probably a better person to handle your admin tasks in the long term.But whether you’re a male or female in the music industry, there are various complexities that can make romance extremely challenging. • Musicians/Artists get panties (or bras, or boxer shorts) thrown at them.Before I even get into it, let me properly preface this with some important context. To every non-musician reading this, you’re just an outsider looking in. Here are some of the most common false truths about musicians when it comes to dating, especially for up-and-coming musicians: • Musicians/Artists get TONS of gorgeous women falling for them. Now I’ll be honest, I have my fair share of female supporters, but nothing comes close to an official ‘groupie’.The reality is this: groupies don’t care about you when you’re on the come up, because you’re likely broke and struggling.Sadly, the groupies are trying to weasel their way into the VIP at Gansevoort to get a glimpse at Trey Songz, not come to your show at some hole-in-the-wall joint. Let me further explain why actual dating as a musician is so hard. While people can sound smart, capable and perfect via email, it often takes a meeting or two to get a feel for whether this person can do the job, will enjoy doing the job and if they’ll get along with the team.Before the intern arrives on day 1, establish the objective of the internship together, so that there are no surprises on either end.I’ll be writing this article based on my personal experience as a single male musician.I’m also based in New York City, which makes dating even harder.


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