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When Tom expressed an interest in acting as a profession after an appearance in a high school drama production, Jack loaned his stepson a chunk of money to get started chasing his dream in New York City.From there, it was history and Tom became a mega-star.Here’s a completely unnatural sounding “quote” from an alleged source for the magazine: “John long had the habit of wanting to be introduced to hot new male stars whose work he admired — he told me he was interested in meeting [the late] Brad Davis and Christopher Reeve after he saw their respective 1978 movies , John had his people contact Tom’s reps to explain how John was eager to meet him.

Here are eight of the most shocking allegations from Leah's book.They wed in 1978 when Tom was 16 and John South took in Mary Lee and her kids – Tom and his sisters whom he grew close to over the years.And, it turns out, Tom has Jack to thank for his gazillion dollar movie career.Following in Tom Cruise’s footsteps, Mary Lee and sisters Lee Anne, Marian and Cass all became entrenched in the controversial church/cult and cut off ties with friends and family.But Jack South refused to join the new family religion and this was the beginning of the rift that would see Cruise and his sisters and mother ditching South in his final days.Though, the actress says that neither Kirstie Alley nor John Travolta were a part of that group, because she claims "Tom didn't like them." 2.Leah's first encounter with Katie Holmes was during a salsa dance lesson, which Tom had requested of her and her husband, Angelo.But some of Holmes’ apparent courage could stem from the fact that many of the high-ranking Scientologists who ran interference for Cruise during his marriage to Kidman and often discouraged or intimidated mainstream media from reporting on Scientology have left the church.A number of them are now actively working against Miscavige and Cruise by spilling church secrets to the very reporters they once threatened."I didn't know Katie and Tom were dating, but I quickly got the picture since he couldn't keep his hands off her," she says, adding that she was uncomfortable with the way "he was manhandling Katie, dipping her in a forceful way and then making out with her." 3.Tom liked to host celebrity-filled dinners and play games at his home.


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