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Tumblr queued for updating

It will be pre-populated with the words “Next Tuesday, 10am”.

You can keep it that way or delete it and add your own date and time.

Are you tired of having to manually log in to your Tumblr account just to keep up with your regular posts?

I know I was and I sure am glad that I learned how to queue my posts in Tumblr.

Click the "Queue" link to see items in the queue; the small number to the right indicates how many posts are currently queued up.

All of the queued posts are displayed together with the time and date they are scheduled to be posted on.

Posts are divided into seven distinct categories, each with its own styling and options – text, audio, video, photo, quote, chat and link.

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The queue page is found by logging into Tumblr and selecting a blog title from the top of the Dashboard screen.

Tumblr posts in the queue are published based on the configuration options at the top of the queue page.

Tumblr is a blog publishing platform focused on ease-of-use and simplicity.

Check your connection to the Web and the status of the Tumblr servers before trying your request again.

Check to see that you have an active and working connection to the Internet by visiting other non-Tumblr pages and downloading an unrelated file from the Web.


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