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Twin flame dating site

It is exhausting and I am losing faith.” Thank you so much for this important question, Lynelle.

You have to have faith that the universe knows best, and has a plan. for mind, body, and spirit" Are you a yoga single looking for love?Do you value a holistic lifestyle and want to meet green singles?If you are constantly obsessed with thinking we can pretty much guarantee it won’t happen. If you have been blessed with the gift of a twin flame, you will be very spiritually evolved.You would be coming from a place of faith, not ego.In any romantic relationship we experience our fears and dark sides being stirred up, things we may not have realized were in us until a person got so close it suddenly “emerged from the depths” – was triggered in us.This happens even more strongly with the Twin Flames, because we are the same original consciousness – we are the same energy, so just by interacting, we push each other’s buttons without even intending to.It is this quality that makes our connection timeless.It’s the feeling of looking into another’s eyes and seeing ourselves reflected back at us.After he passed on to the Other Side, I started to paint in order to make all of this amazing Journey visible.I paint under the name of Aurora, Goddes of Light, because not only did painting shed light on my process, I think the paintings shed Light of Spirit on everyone.


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