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"With information and news bombarding us at every level, and not all of it being what we might want to hear, the brain needs to 'de-strain' and replenish its energy reserves with more rewarding and pleasurable activities.

One in five women are unhappy with their sex lives, a major survey carried out for the Daily Mail reveals today.

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"I enjoy knitting as well and would probably choose an hour with a ball of wool than with my partner, however bad that might sound!

And only 17 per cent of women say they are very satisfied.

One in 10 has sex only once a year at most, while half make love once a month or less.

Asked to pick from a range of 'options' if they were given a spare moment to relax, women chose reading a good book as their 'top option', trumping sex, crafting or having a bath.

The top four options chosen by women in the poll released today were:1 - Read a book - 37 per cent2 - Have a bath - 26 per cent3 - Crafting (Knitting, sewing etc) - 18 per cent4 - Have sex - 8 per cent The poll, to mark the launch of the novel Paper Hearts and Summer Kisses by author Carole Matthews earlier this month, also found that 77 per cent of women often felt 'stressed and anxious'.


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