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Updating 003 rack system firmware initializing controllers

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Below you’ll find a list of compatibility news related to Mac OS X 10.11.

We’ll be updating this list with the most recent information as soon as we learn of it.

While some companies are able to resolve any issues right away, others may take longer.

My setup : Running a Mac Pro 3.1 /18 GB Ram with OWC Mercury Accelsior SSD for the system, And Pro Tools HD Native 11.1 with Maverick - latest (Exact same problem also occurred running Mountain Lion latest ) Using Artist Series Controllers, latest Firmware, Using Metric Halo ULN-8 via Fir Wire with latest Driver and Firmware, Using UAD-2 Octo PCIe UAD-2 Quad Satellite via Firewire with latest software, Right now I am totally stuck here so I appreciate any help ...

Additional Fire Wire improvements include: Symptom: Installing UAD v8.7 or earlier software onto a mac OS Sierra system, or upgrading to mac OS Sierra with earlier UAD software installed, may cause the system to fail on startup.

Solution: If the computer will not startup, start the computer in Safe mode by holding down the Shift key during startup, then run the Uninstall Universal Audio Software application located in /Applications/Universal Audio.

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