Updating a treo 755p

If you happen to spend hours in your car then you should also look at the range of Treo 755p speakerphones available such as the Jabra SP5050 and new Blueant Supertooth 3 – the fist to offer Text-to-Speech technology.

Last week Palm reported its Q4 and financial year 2008 results with news that the company had record sales (principally thanks to the hugely successful Palm Centro) just short of 1,000,000 smartphones (968,000 units) during the quarter and a total of 3.2 million units for the year (its highest smartphone sell-through yet).

At the same time, Palm nonetheless reported a loss of .4 million this quarter – roughly half of this loss was attributed to compensation and restructuring costs as the company continues to change and builds Palm 2.0.

Can you Palm folks get that in the design specs or is it too late?

USB Dial Up Networking (DUN) with Palm OS Treo smartphones under Windows Vista USB Dial Up Networking (DUN) software for Palm OS smartphones is not compatible with Windows Vista at this time.

This includes carrier-branded DUN software for Sprint and Verizon, as well as the software for Bell, Telus and other carriers.

For example, you could start by looking at some of the bestselling Treo 755p cases in our store such as the Helix Holster II, SPE Ultraslim Skin Case, SPE P6 Pouch Case and new Swiss Mobility Legion organizer case.

Next you may want to look at your power options with a Treo 755p charger, cable and cradle where I would recommend the SPE Retractable S&C Cable, SPE Car Charger, Treo Battery Charger and Palm Cradle Kit.


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