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Updating bifold doors

During my thousands of trips to the thrift store to find clothing for my e Bay store, I began to come across stuff for our house.

I was running my first business at the time (finding new and used clothing at thrift stores and then selling it on e Bay) and there was always just junk everywhere.I have been thinking lately that I want to paint my interior doors black.I know there have been a LOT of people (bloggers) who have done this and I LOVE the look… So I’ve decided to try them out in the basement (since we are finishing it right now anyway) and see how I like them and then maybe we will move the idea upstairs.At the time, I was shipping 100 packages a week, barely making any money, and barely remembering to put my pants on each day.So, if you're ever feeling a little less than awesome (something I commonly feel when reading blogs or just perusing the internet in general), just know that you are worthy, you are capable, and most off all, if your house looks like a creepy 'before' picture, there is hope.*Free time = that one weekend in August when I wasn't traveling to visit family/friends or traveling with Jesse for his work.For those of you who've been curious, Jesse is part of a media startup and the more it's grown, the more frequently he travels.Here it goes, the secret to dressing up plain bi-fold doors…I prefer the look of flat and simple, shaker style doors.To avoid chipping, place the panel with the veneer facing down when you make your cuts.After the paper (or paint) is applied to the panels, glue them in place with construction adhesive.


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