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Updating file in jar Bi chat room uk

Now, we'd like to compile and execute the Howdy class.

To do this, we need to set the classpath W so the javac compiler and the java SW interpreter know where the commons-lang jar W file is located.

Is there a Gradle way to update the contents of a JAR?

I couldn't see how to do this so have resorted to using an ant jar task (with update = true).

You must first prepare a text file containing the information you wish to add to the default manifest.

task update Jar With Index(depends On: generate Jar Index) I need to update the JAR after it's been built. LIST file (as the JAR is an applet and we use INDEX.

LIST instead of a classpath in the manifest to optimise the class loader).

This task forms an implicit File Set and supports most attributes of elements.

You can also use nested file sets for more flexibility, and specify multiple ones to merge together different trees of files into one JAR. An example use of this is provided in the Zip task documentation.


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