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Updating futuristic architecture disneys new house of the future

In suburbs across the country, perhaps one-third of new developments are gated, with security, utilities, and other traditionally public services routinely delegated to private authorities. Total control has enabled Disney to isolate its Magic Kingdom from outside social, political, and intellectual currents.

Tourists come from all over the world to enjoy the make-believe worlds that Disney sustains by banishing inconsistent influences.

Powered, revolving louvers of plastic screen beside window cast light patterns on TV-movie-stereo center along wall.

ONSANTO’S “PLASTICS HOME OF THE FUTURE,” which has wel­comed some six million house guests over the past three years, attests that it’s hard to stay ahead of the times these days.

In August, the LA City Council unanimously approved a motion to seek funding for the proposal.

There are also proposed plans for parks built on top of freeways -- called cap parks -- in Santa Monica, Hollywood, Glendale and Ventura.

A major restyling keeps its decor ahead of the times.

To be sure, not many of its crystal-ball fea­tures have been duplicated on a mass-production basis.In 1960, Monsanto Chemical Company reprinted an article from their Monsanto Magazine as an 8-page promotional booklet. The Monsanto House of the Future had been open at Disneyland since 1957.It needed a major update in 1960—because, according to the article, “many of the things deemed ‘futuristic’ as recently as 1957 are simply ‘contemporary’ today.” Enjoy this trip 50 years back in time.Four years after the levee failures, New Orleans is seeing an unexpected boom in architectural experimentation.Small, independent developers are succeeding in getting houses built where the government has failed.Park 101 would cover a portion of the 101 freeway in downtown with a park.As it's currently envisioned, Park 101 would connect the Civic Center (south of the freeway) with Olvera Street, Chinatown and Union Station (north of the freeway).The roads are still pretty rough, the distances between places tend to be too long to walk and too short to drive, and on a bike you can easily stop and chat with the residents who have returned.I moved to New Orleans about a year after Hurricane Katrina, and I’ve ridden my bike out here every month or two to see how the rebuilding has been faring.illiam Sterner, mayor of Lake Buena Vista, Florida, says he's "like any small-town mayor." But Lake Buena Vista isn't quite like any small town.It has about 40 citizens, some 30 million visitors a year, and one business that owns virtually all its land.


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