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Updating multiple records asp

The candidate must be a self-starter, great collaborator, articulate communicator, and a team player.

Skills and Knowledge Required The Event Services Department strives to represent TPAC as the "Gold Standard" within the performing arts and public assembly/facility management industry through uncompromised work ethic and outstanding performance.

The good news is that with a little bit of effort it is possible to filter data based on the end user's selections in a Check Box List control. The WHERE clause specifies which record(s) that should be updated.I have a simple application that is written in C# using VS2012, in a web forms application.The ADO Recordset object is used to hold a set of records from a database table.A Recordset object consist of records and columns (fields).In ADO, this object is the most important and the one used most often to manipulate data from a database.When you first open a Recordset, the current record pointer will point to the first record and the BOF and EOF properties are False.There is one button that starts the processing and I would like to give the user updates to the progress of the processing by putting some text in a Label.I thought I could put the Label control in an Update Panel and then during the Button click event trigger the change in the Label text by calling the Update Panel Update() method.Thanks UPDATED REQUIREMENTS I have changed my requirements a little. I added a label in the Progress Template to display an initial message when the processing starts and then another message using the lbl Caption label when the processing completes.However, when the button is clicked a second time, both of the messages are shown: 'Please wait while the files are created...' and 'Processing...completed'.


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