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Updating my zune updating ipad to os4

I decided I needed to reinstall the Zune software so I removed it and reinstalled, only to have the same problems completing the install that I originally experienced. I then uninstalled the Zune software (again) and this time I rebooted the PC before installing again.

This seemed to do the trick, apparently some dregs are left behind when you remove the Zune software that prevent a successful reinstall.

Do you think it could take like hours to complete the update?

I'm afraid that there might be something wrong with my phone or laptop. The last version of WP you can install on your Lumia 610 is Windows Phone 7.8.

If there's one thing that Microsoft takes to heart it's the knowledge that an easy-to-use User Interface goes a long way.

With big icons responsive buttons and clear menus users will find browsing the Zune to be effortless and enjoyable.

Made to compete against the giant that was Apple's i Pod Microsoft's Zune had a king to dethrone. The fact that it does what it's supposed to do which is to play music and video shouldn't be worth the fanfare yet if you've ever shopped for miniature audio and video playback devices you'll have no doubt found that quality isn't always guaranteed.

Don't be fooled by the low price the Zune is a great quality product.

I looked on You Tube and the process looks a lot faster.Update your Nokia Lumia 710’s operating system for free, and improveyour phone’s performance and reliability!The Windows Phone 7.8 upgrade includes the following improvedfeatures: Videotron customers with a Nokia Lumia 710 can update their device’soperating system free of charge.In my letter to MS I made it clear that the simple plug and play experience for newbies was going to determine if the Zune could make a serious run against Apple.My own experience with two different Zunes was far from "plug and play" and I thought on this last day of the year I should give an update with my Zune story.To get the update, connect your Nokia Lumia 710 to your PC equipped with the Zune software using a USBcable and follow the on-screen instructions.Steps to follow Check that the latest version of Zune is installed on your PC.If you've fallen in love with specific Microsoft branded apps then the Zune is the place to go. Zune™ software is your one stop for music and entertainment. Long before the release of the Zune I wrote an open letter to Microsoft explaining what I felt they had to do if they wanted the Zune to seriously compete with the i Pod.The seamless and simple way the i Pod/ i Tunes combination works for newbies is one of the reasons why the i Pod has dominated the media player arena.


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