Updating n800

The SD card loads the image onto the SD card, then is removed.After that then you update the controller board from the BBB.Unfortunately, the Mer project, which aimed to bring as much Fremantle as possible to the N810, was cancelled back in 2009, leaving N810 owners with a nice piece of hardware and a dead software stack.

I am unable to update it OTA since there is no notification in application manager for system update, and anyway I would prefer a clean install.

If you are too curious about this update, you can try it on your device by our old cab sending method.

How to update instructions from Mobiletechworld,– Download the PR 1.2 1600.2487.8107.12072 FW here.

l-click on "properties" and select the option "use the following ip address" and enter in" data-biggest="https://d17kynu4zpq5hy.cloudfront.net/igi/openrov/2xtg ZHXg6l QODXUs.large" class="step Image js-step-main-image has Menu visible medium" data-lazy-ratio="0.75"/ l-click on "Internet Protocol Version 4" and click on properties.

Select the option "use the following ip address" and enter in" data-biggest="https://d17kynu4zpq5hy.cloudfront.net/igi/openrov/Q25u Ap Fqf S3Voa LJ.large" class="step Image js-step-main-image has Menu medium" data-lazy-ratio="0.75"/ We have the internet update (what you are talking about) up and running on this image.


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