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Updating nba 2k9 rosters

This week, I’m taking a look back at the infamous 2K Insider.When I discussed some of the most memorable characters in basketball video games, it was pointed out to me that I’d forgotten about one of the most noteworthy individuals to appear in the NBA 2K series: the 2K Insider.The FIFA series also included this feature in the previous two iterations.

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As any hoops gaming fan knows, EA Sports' NBA Live 09 announced its player DNA feature a few months back, whereby in-game player attributes will be updated based on real-life results.

NBA 2K9 features a heavily licensed soundtrack, leaning on hip-hop and pop to fill out the roster.

NBA 2K9 uses the 2k beats functionality, which mainly is used to control the playlist of songs while browsing from menu to menu.

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