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Microsoft recommends to customers to uninstall the updates (2982791, 20960028, 20757331) but does not reveal how that is done on the bulletin page.This article walks you through the uninstallation of Windows Updates in general using the two aforementioned updates as examples, and provides you with tips and best practices along the way as well.Removing installed updates Updates can be removed in several ways.Probably the easiest option for users is to use the uninstall a program applet of the Control Panel. If you get a blue or black screen of death while booting into Windows or another error message, you may want to hit F8 during the boot process to display the advanced boot menu.: This is somewhat tricky on Windows 8 due to the accelerated boot process.

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Shortly after installing the update, some customers experienced blue screen of death errors which prevented the system from booting into the operating system or even safe mode.

In the beginning, accessing values in the registry using Power Shell is deceptively difficult, but once you master the syntax of HKLM:\ the technique it becomes reassuringly easy.

♣ As a beginner, people will tell you that accessing the registry with Power Shell is as easy as accessing the file system.

Depending on how tech-savvy users are that experienced the issue, they may have managed to regain control of the system by using system restore or by restoring a backup of the system.

The patch MS14-045 was quickly identified as the cause and Microsoft has pulled its download for the time being which means that current updates should not cause any related issues to users anymore.


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