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I am writing an application that listens to comm port, retrieves and saves the data from port and system time of d data in ms at every second to a text file (a separate thread..Thread A). But honestly these days file data throughput is very very high (certainly 100s of megabytes / sec, maybe gigabytes / sec), but file latency (the time it takes for the HD to get to ...I'm working on a project and it requires me to save the informations of Users in a text File.I ran the code but all it happens is to write in my file "Some text here for a reason". Scanner; public class File Replace Welcome to Stack Overflow!I tried to figure out what could be wrong in my code, but unfortunately it was in vain. While this answer is probably correct and useful, it is preferred if you include some explanation along with it to explain how it helps to solve the problem.String Buffer message Buffer = new String Buffer(""); Input Stream in Stream = Thread.current Thread()Context Class Loader(). I can read the input file and create the output file correctly, but I can't rename the output file to the input file's name.get Resource As Stream("DB.txt"); Buffered Reader reader = new Buffered Reader(new Input Stream Reader(in Stream)); String line = null; while((line = Line())! Hi, I had a text file in which contains records line by line with ',' as delimiter as I use stringtokenizer and vector to read the data. I want to add 2 functions: (1) update the record by name, sex or age; (2) delete the whole line of record; Do I ... Here is my code: String user File = get Servlet Context()Real Path("/WEB-INF/users.txt"); get Servlet Context().log("full pathname is " user File ); int count ... I want to develop a program that writes a number to the file in an ordered manner.

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Isn't something special what I want to write in my file.

File Writter, a character stream to write characters to file.

By default, it will replace all the existing content with new content, however, when you specified a true (boolean) value as the second argument in File Writter constructor, it will keep the existing content and append the new content in the end of the file.

Note: If you are still prompted to update, try restarting your system.

Some systems need a restart to register the newly installed Java plugin.


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