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So did the The headline is very misleading because British businesses oppose the UPC, yet the article pretends that the British Chambers of Commerce can somehow represent “EU businesses” or even UK-based businesses.

It is possible to install Linux onto most of these file systems.

URPMI est l'acronyme de User RPM Installer et c'est l'outil de gestion des paquets dans Mageia. URPMI est utilis dans un terminal et sert installer, dsinstaller des logiciels; mais aussi pour mettre jour la distribution.

rpmdrake est l'interface graphique d'URPMI, permettant d'effectuer les tches les plus courantes via des clics. URPMI est la commande lancer dans le terminal pour installer des logiciels.

opinion piece, notes: “Another unwelcome stat: in 2016 EPO granted 5 times as many #patents to German companies as to British & twice as many to French companies…” Bristows, the London-based liars (or lawyers) who are perpetually promoting patent trolls in Europe (and of course UPC too, as these go hand in hand), maintain their advocacy of UPC. ” Well, his source is Bristows, which can’t help lying (false predictions all the time).

Germany cannot ratify the UPC unless the UK does (as there would be no point; we covered this before) and Francisco Moreno added: “Countersignature by German gov. It’s this ‘gem’ from Gemma Barrett, who after the mirage of Germany going ahead proceeds to the next lobbying effort (remember that Bristows staff are deleting messages of those who refute them).


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